Thinking of the best way to leave?

Planning an exit strategy can mean weighing dozens of different, and sometimes conflicting, options. Your decisions should be guided by facts and objectivity. Understanding your goals and readiness is key, including when you'd prefer to exit the business and who you'd like to see running it in your place. This important stage of business ownership. Our seasoned professionals will help you with: 

  1. A concise statement of your business goals, personal goals and family/estate goals.

  2. A detailed business valuation to establish a baseline value for the business.

  3. A plan to help you identify specific ways to enhance the value of the business prior to your exit.

  4. An analysis of the pros and cons of your different exit alternatives, such as a third-party sale, management buyout, family succession, or liquidation

  5. Suggestions to minimize any capital gains, ordinary income and estate taxes related to the exit

  6. An action plan that details the specific personal and business steps you must take in order to prepare for your exit

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